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         More Information VRP: Don't make me tell you this again. 
VRP: Don't make me tell you this again. Green: I would like you to do this now, and I want you to call me at my office at four o'clock this afternoon.
Instead of stating a Want, a specific do-able action, the speaker is saying what he (or she) does NOT want.

The sentence is additionally VRP-loaded with the judgment in, "Don't make me" (both Victim and Persecutor positions).
Whether I say the action that I am requesting as, "I want," or, "I would like," or, "Please do," is a matter of preference based upon my history with another person.

I will choose how to start my Want request based upon my best guess as to whether he (or she) would interpret flexibility or firmness in my Want.

Whichever way I begin, to say a Want "in the Green," I will always state the action that I am asking for in do-able behavior terms, something that, if done, would become an Observation.

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