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VRP: How dare you upset me by saying that? Green: I feel hurt hearing what you just said.
The speaker is acting as both a Victim and a Persecutor in the so-called "asking" of what is actually a judgmental statement.

At the same time, the speaker is attributing the power for his (or her) Feelings (yet to be said, though indicated as "upset") as residing in the (VRP-alleged, that is, causal) actions of the other person.

The, "How dare you" is a one-up / one-down Persecutor-labeling of the other person, with the speaker claiming to be the other person's Victim.
Even though what was, "just said" has as yet to be reported factually in the example here, the sentence is Green, because an Observation is referred to, and the Feeling of hurt is expressed.

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