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         More Information Green: You walked out of the room while she was speaking. 
VRP: You were rude. Green: You walked out of the room while she was speaking.
Saying, "You were rude," has as yet to say what behavior was done. Instead, the speaker is operating as a Persecutor, claiming that the hearer was a Persecutor, and therefore was, it is inferred, "rude."

Similar VRP statements are: You were selfish. You're late. She's depressed. You are a nice person.
Saying that someone, "walked out," of the "room," "while," "she," "was speaking" is to say five Observations: the walking, the place, the time frame, reference to a third person, and the action of the third person.

Observations, when said in a conversational tone of voice and free of contrary gestures, are Green. They are descriptive of actual occurrances.

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