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         More Information VRP: I am not happy about what you said. 
VRP: I am not happy about what you said. Green: I felt embarrassed and surprised when I heard you tell her that I am selfish.
Saying, "I am not happy," is yet to say whatever I am feeling about any goings-on in my life.

Here I am a Victim implying that I am being Persecuted by life or by persons with any number of "shoulds" implied, including: I should be happy; Someone should have treated me differently; Life should be different; You should read my mind and know what I am feeling, and, by the way; You should be making me happy, also. (So there!)

Similar VRP statements are: I am not angry; I am not relieved; I am not sad; I'm not concerned.
The Green here is saying two actual Feelings (always sensations or emotions) that someone felt as well as a report of someone's spoken words (an Observation).

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