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         More Information VRP: What good has it done to eat well and exercise!? 
VRP: What good has it done to eat well and exercise!? Green: I thought that I could use diet and exercise to leverage my life to live longer. Now since my diagnosis I've got more thinking to do about my future health.
I can be seeing myself as a Victim looking at "all" the "self-indulgent" people, . . "walking around with smiles on their faces with shiny cheeks from the last greasy and sugary meal that they wolfed down."

Even though I may give myself a self-righteous short term "buzz" thinking or saying this, I will make myself dejected and depleated of healing energy.
If I "own " what I have Thought about using diet and exercise, I can help myself to more efficiently assess the relationship between lifestyle, environmental, and genetic factors. More energy will be available for clear Thinking, daily living, responding to medical treatments, and planning for the future.

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